May 1 Announcement  of the Contemporary Marxist Trend Long live the class solidarity of the proletariat

May 1 Announcement of the Contemporary Marxist Trend Long live the class solidarity of the proletariat

First May is a day of an attack, a day of triumph, a commemoration of one of the stones of the proletarian class struggle that has become an international symbol. The international day of proletarian protest has taken a more unified direction since last year, both in expanding the level of global struggle and protests and in raising the same slogans and demands. Wage increases have become the headline of the  proletariat’s demands in various countries. This year, the rise in commodity prices, especially those of the proletarian interest, “daily food and various forms of energy”, has forced the proletariat in most countries of the world to go on strike for “wages” in different ways and at different times. They organize demonstrations and marches to express their demands, and have often taken to the streets.

This year the French proletariat has played a progressive and courageous role against the "liberal reforms" of the French bourgeoisie, and the relentless political struggle. The struggle continues to repeal the pension law, led by a puppy liberal like Macron, by raising the retirement age from 62 to 64, which they finally approved even behind their own parliament, which they consider the pillar of their democratic culture and ideology . . . . This struggle is a broad political struggle against the bourgeois state’s laws and their power. British workers in most sectors rally around wage increases. In other European countries, from Germany, Italy and Spain to the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Belgium and Portugal, the proletariat is reluctant to raise wages. At the same time, not only in Europe but also in the United States, Brazil and India, oil workers and other industrial sectors in Iran, the proletariat in Thailand, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt and Iraq are stirring just like a crater. All the days of last year were days of a major international class training and rehearsal. Globally, this year has been a year where the proletariat has been better trained, discovered and experienced the "democracy, parliamentarism and the bourgeois state”. They were not be blinded by the deceptions of the bourgeoisie and their media. Today, on a broad scale, the proletariat recognizes states such as the United States, Britain and France... as the states of the billionaires.

This year also, May Day is marked by a deep capitalism crisis and fierce and bloody competition among the major poles of capitalism in the world. A crisis and conflict that has turned the world into a field of war, killing, displacement, economic blockade, media and ideological warfare in order to re-divide the capitalist world. Each side of the great capital poles has come out against each other under the headlines of their own ancient empires. Each side is trying to attract and mobilize the proletariat not only of its own country, but also of the other countries, for capital interest.

May 1 this year is the day of testing the unwavering strength of the proletariat against hunger, rising prices and against the bourgeois power in any country  to meet their demands, especially the demand for "wage increases without increasing the average of inflation”. This day needs another victory. This victory requires a proletarian internationalist institution that directs the proletarian struggle in the world as a center which is led and managed  by them. At the same time, this day for the proletariat must be the beginning of a broad and great solidarity of the proletariat of different countries. But if the struggle for wage increases becomes a major global and organized movement, it cannot remain within that framework and will certainly become a major political struggle for the abolition of private property and the establishment of a communist society. Therefore, as Marx writes: “They ought, therefore, not to be exclusively absorbed in these unavoidable guerilla fights incessantly springing up from the never ceasing encroachments of capital or changes of the market. They ought to understand that, with all the miseries it imposes upon them, the present system simultaneously engenders the material conditions and the social forms necessary for an economical reconstruction of society” -communist society-.

Long live the united class struggle of the proletariat

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Saturday, April 29, 2023